Sunday, April 20, 2008

yesterday went queensbay with wen qin n her two friends , minghan n chienwei .. went thr watch ''forbidden kingdom'' ...
actually before goin , i wish to watch "over her dead body" wan .. bt den her frn bought da tickets d . so i was lk , nvm lu .. flw u al .. haha . bt da movie kinda nc worh =) hhes
den aft tat went esprit tuh buy a jacket cz ltr goin church .. den mum said cnt wear lk tat go ( cz wearing spaghetti stripes) and the important is esprit gt SALES ma . wahahhahas . so worth tuh buy lu ..
BUT the most happiiiiiiest thgs is i bought a ROXY pants for mondy outing =p
i luv tat beach pants since 1st tm i saw it . it was so nc ... n PINK . hhas


aft tat , acc wen qin go to find tracksuit for mondy outing .. bt end up nt buying any thg cz she dun lk those clrs .. bt when we decide tuh went hm , den oni we found out tat , her parking ticket was lost =.= lols . so nth tuh do larh , go car park n den find those guards tat on duty tat tm , bt luckily dey said nvm .. hhas . thx GOD .

Saturday, April 19, 2008

today is my last day of exam . yeah ~!! xD den aft that , went Samuel 's hs to celebrt birthdy party for JOEL , ANNA and MAUREEN =) "HAPPY belated birthdy for JOEL & MAUREEN . " and for ANNA .... i wil wish u on 26th =p


then aft the party , bout 11pm lk tat , i went E-GATE tuh meet up v graciass them . is pastor.lydia farewell party .. she goin tuh kedah d . i just know tat =( sad . met loo thr .. so lng din saw her d .. who knows she already became a "teacher " *get shocked* lols den sum mor v her maggiiiiiiie mee pula . lols
bt kinda nice larh . so dun wry . hhes .

done by chris n john .. im in da pink apple . =.= lols ( ps.lydia farewell's present)

Friday, April 18, 2008


it was 11.59pm nw . 1 mor minutes to go before 18th april .
it seems lk had been such a lng tm since i last updated my blog .
today melissa called me , she told me that mb she goin to drop HSC cz her dad called her to do so , unless she get gd result in this first assessment .
mine parents asked me to do so also actually ..
she is goin form6 if she drop the course .
if i drop , i thk im goin to tk diploma in business , which means that i gt to stuck up in penang for at least 2 and a half years . oh gosh . kie , aft thkin of it , i decide nt 2 drop . bt i hv no mood to study at all .
dad told me yesterdy , aft my phy exam .. he said he will send me to UK if i cn get 80 - 90 + UAI this tm . do u noe hw hard izt ? =(
i hv no prper basic lk others do in my coll .
i hv no hint of whats the add maths is . okie . luckily i dropped my extension 1 and i din tk chem nor bio . im LUCKY for doin that . i noe .
haiz ..
wad to do ?
wana go overseas or end up staying here again for 4 mor years ? or do tuning aft 2 years ..
i dun lk staying here . bt im oso scared of goin overseas alone .. if goin UK , i thk is okie for me . since my cousin r thr nw . bt wad if she cm bck b4 i go ?
i want to go taiwan to study mass com actualy . bt den i just dun understand y my parents jz dun alw me to do so . i love taiwan . if i go thr , at least i wont b so scared .
singapore ? NUS ? nuh . imposibble to enter . so just leave it .
aiming Lancaster , hoping tat cn get high UAI this tm . ~ pray for me =)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

meet the GIANT

sobs .. EXAM EXAM EXAM and again . EXAM argh ~!!
i HATE exam . sobs . I want to go out . I want to shopping . I want to chat with friends . I want to go for a holiday . I want to go taiwan now ~!! sobs . why why why .. why they want to have exam .? I hate it =(
yesterday went SNL , is a movie day .. went there after my MPW exam .. haiz
hmmx .. kie .. back to the topic .. I watch the movie titled " meet the GIANT " it was really a nice touching movie which made me feel GOD never left me from last year till now .. y i just cant believe in him ?? da devil made me fel tat . i noe . It made me fal dwn , it gv me much troubles n problems . It made me fel far frm my GOD . i know it now .. GOD , im reli sry 4 nt believing u all this while .. YOU noe it .. I want to believe in YOU ... bt sum tms im just too ........ duno hw 2 say .. i had faced many problems in this 3 years .. Firstly is family problem then follow by relationship problem , n last month .. SPM result ..
I cant stand any more .. I felt so weak .. I felt im so useless ..
bt start from now onwards.. I will stand . I wil believe in you , no matter what will be ..
If i success , i praise you . If it is a failure , i will still praise you .. Because i know tat da failure will gain another success .
Thx lord , for evy th tat u had gave me .. I know I have a loving family n friends ..
Thx for sending them to my life .. and may u bless them always . AMEN ..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I just received this two skirts today . nice ? =p
I love it sooo much . especially the grey wan . hhas

AND ..............

last but not LEAST for today post ..

18 censored or not

This was really a nice movie . It was funny . hahah .

Im watching it right now =D maybe u all can watch it also . U cn get it from youtube.

Friday, March 21, 2008

performance again BY our class regular performer =D

as usual .. i wake up at 7.20 this morning .
is a rainy dy today ..

i dun lk raining actually .. dun ask me why .. i just
today was good friday . i just know that . sorry , .. i dun mean to forget .. bt sum tms ..
too many thgs running through my mind evy dy , evy seconds .

kie . guess what .
JULIA and JANICE was late again for our MATHS class today . SO ... end up with performance again . YEAH ~! great . cuz dey DANCE today . ahahhahaha . nice performance they had for today . ALL of us enjoyed it so much . It is really entertaining =p . I bet u all wish to watch it also rt .. bt too bad .. u all dun hv da chance , cz da performance is over . bt maybe u al get 2 watch it sum other tm . =pp they dance that "CRANK THAT" songs today . nice move , nice dancer . hhas . evyone agree ? ya . I guess .. cuz dey were great dancer .

nt like me ... I KNOW NOTHING bout DANCE . =( so sad ~ BUT I really really LIKE to dance . especially after finish watching tat STEP UP 2 just nw . OMG ~!! I really really want to learn dance . truly DESPERATE . hahahhaha . n u noe what ? my mum finally allowed us ( me ,bro n sis ) to go n learned . woo hoo ~!! yeah . IM so happy rite nw . dance dance dance . yeah ~!! hahahahha . thx MUM ~!! I LOVE u . haha
Anyway ~ Julia , ning , gaik lyn , michelle , janice n all of others dancers . WE are waiting for the performance next wedns . gd luck 4 all of u yea ~!! lols . =DD huggs*

Friday, March 7, 2008

1st post in the year 2008

it was 6.13 in the evening nw .
well .. its actually the time for me to go for a short break after staying up so lng in front of my laptop today . =.=''
ugh ~ damn tired . i went for a nap jz nw . who noes i slep for more than 4 hours . i slep once i get hm frm my class . tired tired tired ~!! sobs
oh gosh ~! hw m i goin 2 slep again 2nt ? as usual .. once i hv a lng nap in the afternoon , i cant get 2 slep at nt . it wil ends up 4 me to do those idiot stuff again . =.=
dun ask me what . lols
im so damn regret 4 sleping so lng nw .. haiz
bt wad to do ??
yeah ~! i noe . im goin 2 edit my blogger ltr nt .
wahaz ~ it had been so lng i din sign in tis acc . ( almost 4gt i had sign up actually . lols xD)
cz da laz post is on 2007 septermber =.=
hhas . i try 2 update my wretch evy dy . bt i fails =(
too bad .
anyway , u noe wad .. today in coll .. when in our mathematics 2 units class , julia , janice and natasha was late 2 enter da clas after da 10 minutes break .
dey enter after 2o minutes . by giving da reason that(janice) she wil die cz of da dehydration(lack of water) if she dun get a botol of water for herself . hhas . i nvr thk of tat kind of excuse before, bt i did learn it frm her today . lols . so wil b using it nex tm . in other classes , if i was late
so guess what ? dey gonna perform any thg to entertain us . hhas .
gaik lyn keep disturbing dem by calling dem to dance , sing n etc ...
tcher .. uhm .. i mean sir .. lols .. was actualy requested dem to dance lk a monkey . bt den dey refuse to do it . so bad ~ be sporting , girls ~"haha . tats was wad gaik lyn said .
okie .. well .. dey end up for singing "twinkle twinkle little star"..
"wad a lame performance , i will nt clap my hand for that =.= " said gaik lyn again . ahaz
here was some pics from their performance jz nw .. view it , save it n post it . hhas
(julia is goin to kill me if she saw this ) ahahahhahahs ~
have a nice day evyone ~ ^^